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Power Management

In addition to our solar options and energy brokering, we provide numerous options for the regulation and preservation of your electricity. Through smarter technologies and consumption control, you can use energy more efficiently and stretch your dollars to their maximum potential.

Solar Screen Window Installation

An energy conservation solution with a number of diverse benefits. Solar screens lower your energy cost by reducing the amount of heat that enters your home or business in the warm months and keeping the heat inside in the colder months. Beyond the tangible cost savings, solar screens also provide reduced glare, keep insects out, and they help to improve privacy.

Energy Management Systems

The energy management packages that we offer include options such as HVAC systems, occupancy sensors, remote monitoring for phantom power, remote heat and air systems, and more.

Efficiency Tips & Tricks


There are many landscaping options that look great and help cut down on your home’s energy use. Better Homes and Gardens recommends planting deciduous trees on the west and south sides of your home because the leaf-filled trees shade your home during the hottest part of the year and then, in the winter when the leaves fall off, the branches let sunlight through to warm the house.

Install Solar Windows Screens

When it comes to being more energy efficient, a great place to start is with your windows, especially if they are not well insulated. Depending on which direction your windows face, install solar screens to keep harsh summer light from heating up your room and let in natural light without letting UV rays damage your furniture.

Run Ceiling Fans

To keep your home as cool as possible, set the fan to turn counterclockwise during the warm months and clockwise during the winter. Many people find that they can turn their thermostat up a few degrees during the summer, which can lead to saving up to 40 percent on energy bills, according to Redbeacon. In the winter, a spinning fan also can help push warm air back down into the room. This allows you to lower your heat and save around 10 percent


Consider installing a few skylights in the rooms you use the most. With skylights you can take advantage of natural light and not turn on the lights inside your home during the day, which can lead to huge savings. For rooms that get hot, a self-ventilating skylight allows you to vent the room as well as let natural light in. Venting also is great for cooler days and nights when you want to let accumulated heat out.

Light Cheaply

Cheap doesn’t mean buy dated 1970s fixtures from the thrift store. Since you spend much of your day in your office, in a variety of lighting conditions, it’s important to optimize light for those conditions as well as the kind of work you do. All lights in your room should have LED, CFL or halogen bulbs, all of which can save you up to 80 percent on your energy bills versus typical incandescent bulbs.

Smart Phone Power

According to a recent report by the Digital Power Group, an average iPhone uses more energy for battery charging, wireless connectivity and data use than a medium-sized Energy Star fridge. You can easily reduce your energy use at home by unplugging your chargers and other electronics when they are not in use. According to the Department of Energy, five to 10 percent of your home’s energy consumption comes from electronic devices that use standby power

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